Pretty, Pretty Lighting

November 22, 2016

After I built our Farmhouse Chandelier I realized we were in need of a pendant light above our sink.  Oops, I completely forgot about picking something out.  Sometimes in a remodel the most obvious things slip my mind.

I honestly didn’t have a clue what I wanted but I knew I wanted something out of the ordinary and pretty.  I’ll spend a lot of time by that sink doing dishes so why not enjoy pretty lighting.

I recently found some glass chandelier prism pendants that were my grandmothers.  I kept them out thinking that I might use them in my daughters room.  You see, when I was growing up Pollyanna was one of my FAVORITE movies.  I watched that moving all the time.


Who doesn’t love the glad game!  However, in the movie there is a whole scene about prisms and how they make beautiful rainbows on the wall when the light hits.  If you haven’t seen the movie Pollyanna, find it and watch it.  You will be glad you did!

When I found these prisms of my grandmother I immediately thought of Pollyanna.  So, in my search to find the perfect over the sink pendant light I knew the prisms had to be incorporated.

While visiting friends we made a trip to Ikea where I found a simple white metal pendant light.  I bought it thinking the prisms would look great hanging on it.

Here is my supply photo of what I used to make my light.  It was really simple!


I knew the white color needed a little something so I found a great spray paint color and spray painted the metal shade.  The color I used was Sea Mist.  I loved how it turned out.




I originally thought I would have to punch holes around the shade to hang the prisms from but I got lucky! The prisms hooked onto the edge of the lighting securely.  So we hung the pendant and then placed the prisms all around.


I could not be more happy with the way the DIY pendant light turned out.

img_2533-1The BEST part is that when the sun comes in, we have rainbows all over the kitchen!!!  It makes me so happy.  It makes doing dishes fun and my kids love it.  It brings a blessings into our kitchen every evening as the kids point out all the rainbows.

I am reminding by this light about enjoying the simple things in life.  Life is a blessing, ENJOY!!



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