Teacher Gifts- Inexpensive, Quick and Perfect

December 14, 2016

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I LOVE giving teachers gifts!  Seriously, I wish I could give each teacher $5,000 but that’s not in the budget so instead I spend days trying to think what would be a good gift.  Teachers spend so much time molding my kids that I want them to know they are truly loved and respected.

Last night at my oldest band concert, the kids were sitting in their assigned seating area.  I look over and her teachers were hugging them, posing them for pictures and just being silly with all those kids.  Their faces seriously lit up with love for those kids.  My heart was so happy as I watched and I felt so blessed.

I have 6 teachers to buy gifts for this year.  I was able to make all their gifts for about $13.

While handling an estate sale for our family recently we found several old globals.  I might be a little obsessed with the possibilities of globes lately.  I knew full size globes were out of my budget but I found these great ones here.

And there you go thats the gift….JUST KIDDING!!

Here is the before line up.

When they arrived I disassembled the globes.

I took them outside.  I already had this chalkboard spray paint so I painted each of the globes with several layers of chalkboard paint.  I love this particular chalkboard paint because it really does work well.  I honestly put about 4 coats on each globe.  Whose counting!


Then I took the stand pieces and spray painted them with some of this spray paint.  I used this spray paint on my fun over-the-sink light that I made.  If you missed that post go check it out here.

Once everything was dry, I took them all inside, assembled them and then got some chalk and put a Christmas design on each.  It doesn’t have to be Christmas.  You could easily write their favorite quote, scripture, have your kiddo write something, or write their names.  The possibilities are endless because it’s always changeable!!


I LOVE how these turned out!!!  I love they are changeable.  I love that they work in a classroom.  I love how they are versatile enough to be used at home as home decor.  I want one of these now!!  My kids actually want one of these in their rooms.

The whole process probably took about an hour of hands on time.  That doesn’t include drying time.  Just time I was actually doing something.

My kiddos wrote notes to each teacher and we tied a piece of chalk on the globe.

I hope each teacher enjoys this globe and above all I pray they know how much they are valued and know they are prayed for daily.


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