Current Decor to Farmhouse Decor

February 6, 2017

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Today is all about reclaiming the decor you have and making it fit into your farmhouse decorating.  The struggle in our house is real!

When we bought our house and decided to go with the farmhouse look, I knew I honestly had very little decorations that were going to work.  For over a decade our house had mostly warm decorations which included tan, brown, rust, mustard and greens.

My original though was “I’ll just buy new stuff.”  Everyone laugh at me, it’s okay!  Reality is, when you buy a 1940’s home, there is lots of other things that take your money first.

So, my mission is to use the items I have and make them work in our space.

Here is a set of boxes which I loved and was so fitting with our old decor.

Let me be honest, I even tried to sell them on a local Facebook site for $5 and got no takers.  Most people I think are going a different direction with their decor much like me.

So, I decided to give the boxes a little farmhouse lift.

I took my favorite paint brush.  Seriously, if you are painting frames, furniture, home decor, you need a good round brush.  I went a few years thinking it wasn’t worth it and then I bought one.  Oh so worth it! 


Then I grabbed a bottle of this milk paint.  In the color petticoat.  They have some great colors but I decided on this one for this project.

I honestly had never used Milk Paint.  My thought process on it was honestly, a small bottle and an inexpensive price tag.

I am happy to report, it worked great and did the job.  The boxes were metal and it covered well.  It need take 3 coats but it dried fast.

Here is the finished product.  I did cover the lids in burlap at the end.  I wasn’t planning on it but the lids still looked too dark up against the white box.  Covering it in burlap gave it the perfect farmhouse look.

It really was so simple.  The whole transformation took about an hour and cost 5-10 bucks.  I have several projects I will be working on and sharing.  It’s time to start getting my house decorated.





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