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10 Farmhouse Finds For Spring

February 16, 2017

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Every year after Valentine’s Day passes I find myself longing for Spring and ready to leave winter in the past.  Listen, I realize I am a huge wimp when it comes to the cold.  I also understand that I do not truly comprehend what a real winter looks like but I can’t change where the good Lord has planted my roots.  I’m a Texas girl and Texas just doesn’t have harsh winters.  We have some cold days but just last week we almost hit 80 degrees outside and then three days later the high was 38 degrees.  Don’t get me wrong I often tell my husband how I would love to live up north and he always responds, “You would never make it.”  He is probably correct, but he dislikes the cold more than me.

Let’s get to the real purpose of this post.  SPRING!!!  I am always excited to get my house feeling and looking like spring.  I have never had tons of bunnies and egg decorations because honestly I always thought it was just for Easter decor.  However, I have a sweet friend that decorates her house in bunnies for all of spring.  Last year when I walked in her house in May, it was amazingly decorated in her bunnies and it was just perfect.  Bunnies are all about spring not just Easter.  So this year my bunny (or rabbit whatever you prefer) decorations are staying out till summer fun hits.  I can not wait!

Here are 10 decor items that will make your house feel like spring.

This amazing driftwood rabbit sculpture.  I love all things driftwood so making it into a rabbit makes my heart explode.

Anything galvanized seems to fit into the farmhouse decor theme.  These cute                galvanized vases are perfect for spring.  Especially if you are like me and have sweet little kiddos who bring in flowers weeds.

A faux boxwood wreath can be used in almost every room of the house.  Hang it on a door, an old window or barn door.  My favorite idea for spring is to take this boxwood wreath and then hang is around the ceramic bunny head below.

Sweet birds remind me of spring.  These shabby chic bird pedestals are beautiful to place on a table or a shelf.

This ceramic bunny head is so great.  I personally would like to place it on my framed shiplap and then hang the faux boxwood wreath around it.  Yes!!

Another adorable bunny who actually works for you!  Ha!  This tiered bunny platter is so cute!

Granted this assortment of platters is not only for spring decorating.  They also can be functional or used as decorations.  I have been looking for platters to use on a wall and these are perfect.

This lavender wreath isn’t a large wreath.  Only about 12 inches but would be a perfect addition to some smaller decor items.  Just hang it on the front of a platter, frame or cutting board.  Add a little spring to anything.


This cute rustic funnel vase is  stunning.  Personally I would add some cotton branches and stick this on the kitchen counter or shelf.


Everyone needs a precious cast iron bunny.  It’s actually a door stop but honestly, it’s cute enough to be used anywhere.


That’s all the amazing Farmhouse Spring finds I have found.  Who else will be taking down their red hearts today and starting to bring out the spring decoration?  I can not wait for spring!  I could do without the wind of spring but oh how I love the sun again.



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