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Farmhouse Wall Clocks

February 23, 2017

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My husband loves large wall clocks. (Ha! that’s funny)  In all fairness he comes by it naturally because my mother-in-law also loves them.  She has some of the most beautiful wall clocks in her home.  So, you can imagine that my husband is always looking and dreaming about wall clocks.  The deal is, he can have all the clocks he want but he has to always be the one who changes them.  Ha!

Here is a great list of 10 beautiful wall clocks to compliment any home, especially farmhouse decor.

Warehouse Clock with Grill 

Distressed to look Metal Clock

Galvanized Wall Clock

Iron Clock in Gray

New York Cage Clock

Antique Wall Clock

Metal Clock with Rope

Vintage Scalloped Clock 

Sea Green Distressed Clock

Aqua Pocket Clock



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