From Waste to Want Edition 3 – Large Chalkboard

March 31, 2017

I am so excited to share my newest From WASTE to WANT series.  If you have been hanging around the blog for awhile you have seen my two previous post where I took old decor items and changed them to fit my current decorating style.  It’s something that is simple to do, saves money and turns Wasted items into Wanted items.  It’s a huge win if you ask me.  That’s why I decided it needed it’s own name “From Waste To Want”.

Today is actually From WASTE To WANT Edition 3.

About 5 years ago I was out at our neighborhood garage sale and found a huge frame and bought it for $5.  At the time I decided to turn it into a white board.  As you can see from this photo, the white board is ruined (yes, I must have left marker on it when we packed it up) and the frame color was less than stellar.


Some people might look at that and say “toss it”.  No way, with a can of black chalkboard paint and some white milk paint.  That old frame is now a stunning, large, chalkboard that fits my current decor and looks amazing in my kitchen.


It was so simple to make some minor changes to my current white board.  I painted the chalkboard paint directly onto the white board.  No need to spend time cutting a new piece of wood to fit when I had the white board that already worked.  Easy peasy!  Next, I used the same milk paint from the previous From Waste To Want Edition 1 and From Waste To Want Edition 2.  I have gotten great use out of that little bottle of milk paint.  Who knew?  I just painted the frame with several layers of milk paint.  Personally, I prefer some of the dark paint peeking out so I didn’t worry about the paint looking perfect.

For me, this project didn’t cost a penny.  I already had the chalkboard paint because it’s like a staple around here.  As for the white milk paint, this was actually my third project to use it on.  I already had it on hand.  Even if you had to purchase both paints the project cost would still be less than buying something new.  Score!!

I hope you enjoyed this From Waste To Want Edition 3.  Are you turning Wasted items into Wanted items?  If so, I want to see them.

Have a super weekend.






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