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April 3, 2017

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Happy Monday!  I don’t know about you, but we had a great weekend.  Honestly, the weather was cool and overcast so we were incredibly lazy.  Like, full on lazy.  Our kids slept so late on Saturday that I was a little worried something was wrong.  I guess we all needed it.

The one thing I did do over the weekend was find some pretty FANTASTIC finds.  It’s no surprise that I am always browsing home decorating finds.  Some people are on Facebook all the time, I am looking for decorating finds all the time!!  Ridiculous, I know, I can’t help it!  No judging, because you WIN!!  I took my favorite top 12 finds from the weekend and compiled them into this post just for you!!  You can thank me later.

I am so excited for you to browse these Fantastic Finds.  Grab some hot tea, sit back and relax.

Click on the colored number for the link.


This Lightbox is amazing!  Plus there are tons of inserts on the Blisty website.  My daughter might be getting on of these with some inserts for her birthday.  Plus, free shipping.  Yippie!


I’m a sucker for large tiles.  I actually have two large tiles like this in my kitchen.


Why do I love all things that have to do with gardening.  Lets face it, I pretend I’m a gardener but in reality I’m just a wanna be.  Good thing for me a master gardener is not required for purchase.  Ha!


This bunny platter, it’s certainly fantastic!  We are not hosting Easter this year and it’s probably a good thing.  I would be broke.


Would it be bad to buy a decorative mailbox before we bought a new “real” mailbox.  Don’t answer that because I love this one!


Berry baskets are perfect for spring decor.  Mine currently has Easter eggs in it but I already have plans of what will go in them next.


How perfect are these bike book ends.  We are currently working on our family office area.  We are in need of book ends and these might make the cut.


These are actually the pendants that are over our island.  I absolutely LOVE them.  They are a perfect addition to our kitchen and the price is great.


This Fresh Flowers sign reminds me of big city street stands.  It seriously could be hung in any area of your home.  Inside or outside.


Farmhouse signs seem to sell out quickly because they are in high demand.  If you are wanting one,  grab it quickly.


We live in cotton country so it always makes me smile when I see cotton decor.  These are a great price from Amazon and can me used several ways.


After doing laundry over the weekend I realized we are in major need of new hand towels.  I love this one.


I hope you had a great weekend and feel rested.  May your week be amazing!






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