Teacher Gifts for Less than $15 – Easy Chalk Globe

April 19, 2017

School is starting to wrap up for our kids.  It will not be long before our homes will be full of our kiddos daily.  However, before summer can begin we must get through the remaining weeks of school.  All the last projects, the parties, the awards, the programs but most importantly we must remember the teachers who have loved our kids 5 days a week for 9 months.  Can we all agree that loving and teaching our kids in no easy task.

These teachers deserve the world so why not give them these adorable chalk globes?  They are the perfect gift to any class room.  The globes can easily be used as home decor or class room decor.  It’s a chalkboard so it’s changeable to seasons.  Globes are honestly all the rage right now as well as chalkboards.  These globes are are huge WIN for everyone.


You can find how to make these awesome chalk globes HERE.  I actually gave these globe as teachers gifts at Christmas but they will make the perfect end-of-school teacher gifts.  The great thing about these globes is they are changeable.  I used chalk to create Christmas scenes and quotes because it was a Christmas gift.  You can easily find some great summer quotes and scenes to draw/write on them before you gift them at the end of school.

Love on those teachers.  They have the most precious jobs of molding our kids.  They give a lot of themselves to our kids.  For less than $15 you can knock their socks off with these chalk globes.




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