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May 11, 2017

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Hello!  Guys, it’s May!  May is much like the month of December in our house except there is not Christmas Day celebration.  It’s more like a marathon race to finish the school year strong.  So, I will admit I wanted to throw in the towel over the weekend.  My kids were working on last book projects, studying for final exams, we were signing permission slips and adding dates to the calendar.  All the time while I am giving myself a motivational speech about finishing strong.


It’s no surprise but I truly adore my kids teachers.  Every man and women who have poured amazing life, love and support into my kids for nine months deserves praise.  These people have instructed, hugged, loved, disciplined, encouraged, and prayed over my kids and I could never repay them for the amazing job they have done.  Teachers are precious jewels!  It’s a hard job and I am seriously thankful God has called people to be teachers, especially my kids teachers.


Over the last week I have been working on a few teachers gifts that I am excited to share with each of you.  This first gift is supper cute and screams summer.  Here is a photo of the supplies I used.

As you can see, it requires only 4 items and one of the items I have a free printable right here on this page for you.


1.  Tag – link here –> Teacher Gifts Berry

2. Soap  – I found mine at world market but here is a cute soap you could use.

3.  Basket Filler – I used some left over from Easter like this.

4.  A Strawberry Pint –  I found mine on sale for about                                                                                  $3 but you can order these super cute ones here.

You take those 4 items and in about 5 minutes you have this great teachers gift.


How cute is this gift?  I love it!  It’s bright and cheery.  Above all, its supper simple and the perfect way to show all those teachers that we care.

I know it seems like just yesterday we were preparing for the first day of the school year.  Now it’s time to dig deep and finish strong.  Yes, I’m giving myself my own pep talk.  Lets pray I remember to send all the money that’s needed, sign all the forms for the final field trips and remember what day is the last day of school.  Certainly, we can all finish this year strong.  Worry less because now you have the perfect teacher gift!


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