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Simple, Inexpensive, Stunning & Customizable DIY Chandelier

May 25, 2017

When we bought our home there was a large closet that I knew had great potential to be converted to a small work area.  However, we piled all my craft boxes in there and shut the door.  Obviously, we had greater items that needed attention before a closet.

Recently I decided it was time to tackle the closet.  Like every project I start, it takes way more time than I originally figure.  Starting a project the last few weeks of the school year is certainly not the brightest idea.  Let’s face it, May, August and December are crazy when you have school age kids.  Every year I think, “This isn’t my first rodeo!  I will be prepared, and something always sneaks in and sends my for a loop.”

While, I am so excited to give you a tour of my new office space, it will have to wait.  There are still several items I want completed before I share the whole room.  I have decided to share one excited feature from my office that I created to tease you while you wait for the full tiny office reveal.

Simple – Customizable DIY Chandelier

My little closet area didn’t actually have ceiling light.  You will have to stick around to see the original photos of what the closet actually was, but it did have a light switch and a wall plug controlled by the switch.  To make my life easy I decided to work with what we had.

I made this fabulous chandelier by only purchasing one item.

Chandelier Material:

Finished Fabric Chandelier


  • Purchased Item – Pendant Light Kit 
  • Wire and Plires (from the hubby’s shop)
  • 3 Embroidery Hoops I used 2- 10 inch hoops and 1- 9 inch hoop.  (That is what I had without having to purchase any hoops.  You can easily use all the same size or all different sizes.)
  • Fabric Scraps (customizable to any color) – cut into strips

Super simple list of material if you ask me!

Step ONE:


First, decide what size you would like your new custom chandelier to be.  My little craft area has low ceilings so I only used three hoops and spaced them 4 inches apart.  Remember, this is your chandelier.  You make it how you want!  Use larger hoops or add a tier, make it yours.

Once you have the size you will use the wire to stabilize each tier.  I simply wrapped the wire several times around each hoop to secure.

Step TWO:

Next, you will take all your thin fabric strips and start wrapping and weaving them around your embroidery hoops.  Simply knot each piece of fabric together, that is what will give the chandelier its charm at the end.  I specifically worked hard not to create a pattern.  Sometimes I looped one strip of fabric all the way down and other times I only went half way and then back up.  Continue wrapping several times around the whole chandelier.

It will look like this:



Finally, follow the directions of the pendant light kit and stabilize your light.  It’s super simple.  I actually used more of the wire at the top of the chandelier to help stabilize the pendant light.  It worked like a charm and the final produced looks amazing.


This chandelier cost me about $12 which was the cost of the pendant light kit.  I actually had all the other materials in my craft closet.  I LOVE this light.  As you can see, it is 100% customizable.  I can imagine how amazing this would be, much bigger and wrapped in different shades of burlap!  Or, use your baby’s nursery colors and hang this lamp over the rocking chair.  Maybe even create a smaller version and have it hanging as a bedside light.  The ideas are endless, don’t be afraid to try this simple, inexpensive, customizable chandelier out.  You might find you have several uses for them.

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