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June 1, 2017
DIY July 4th Tassel Anklet

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The Fourth of July is only a month away!   To celebrate Independence Day I have a super fun and fashionable red, white and blue tassel anklet.  These tassel anklets are a fun project to do with friends and family on or before July 4th.  It is truly so simple that kids, teens and adults will enjoy creating these Red, White and Blue tassel anklet to wear.


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Silver Beads

Stretch Magic Cord

Red, White and Blue Embroidery Thread






1. Measure the length you want your anklet to be by simply wrapping it around your ankle and adding an extra 1-2inches.  Remember the tread we are using is stretchy so you will not need to leave a lot of room but you will not want it tight either.  We wanted a double strand of beads so we measured around the ankle twice.  Add any amount of strands you want.

2. Start beading the tread you have cut for your anklet.  To make it easy, I always take a bead and knot it on the very end.  It keeps the beads from trying to fall off while you are threading them.

3. Continue beading until the measured thread is full.

4. Take both ends of the thread and knot them together in a triple knot.

5.  Make Tassels.  Here is where the fork comes in.  Tassels are so fun to add to jewelry.  Follow these simple task to make your tassels.  We personally made six tassels for our anklet, 2 red, 2 blue and 2 white.  You can add as many as you would like.

  1. Use the fork to wrap the thread around to make the base of the tassels.  We wrapped the thread around about 15 times.
  2. Then use the stretch thread (about 3 inches) to tie (triple knot) only one side of the wrapped thread together.
  3. You will have a tied round bunch of thread.
  4. For easier management of the string, take the top stretchy knot and slide it onto the fork.
  5. Take the embroidery thread and knot it around one strand of the round bunch, preferable towards the top by the fork.
  6. Start wrapping the tread around several times tightly to secure the top of the tassel.  Once you have wrapped it several times secure it with a knot and trim the remaining string.
  7. Now it is time to cut the bottom thread loops into order to achieve the tassel.
  8. Trim the tassel ends evenly.

Ta-da, now you can make simple tassels.


6.  Now that you have all your tassels ready, take the large beaded strand and fold/twist it to make two even circles(strands).  If you chose more then a double looped ankle you would fold/twist it more times.  Next, take one of the tassels and tie (triple knot) the loops together.  I did this with the white tassels on both sides.

7.  Finish by adding the other colors to the anklet to make whatever pattern you desire and trimming the extra thread from the tassel ties.  When finished you have an amazing July 4th anklet to wear!


I absolutely LOVE how this anklet turned out.  It’s so stylish that kids and adults will want to wear it. My 11 year old actually made the bracelet and I gladly took the photos.  That should tell you how simple this bracelet it to make.  What a fun activity for the kids while celebrating Independence Day.



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