10 Comfy and Cozy Bedding Ideas

June 19, 2017

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I don’t know about you but bedding is one decorating item that takes me forever to decide upon.  Maybe it’s because I feel like it’s one decision that will not get changed out as often as others.  I don’t know!  However, I do know that its time for new bedding in our master bedroom.  Actually, it’s been time for almost a year but I am just having a hard time deciding on what I want.  To me it’s a huge decision because once I find the bedding, I then must find curtains, a rug, and throw pillows to coordinate.

Is it okay to admit on my blog that I have been browsing bedding every single week for over a year!  I feel a little embarrassed to admit it.  Each week I spend time looking for the perfect bedding.  My idea of perfect bedding is honestly pretty easy.  I want something that is neutral, will withstand the decor world of change for several years and just look nice and cozy.  It seems pretty simple, right?

You are in luck today!  I compiled all my favorite bedding sets that I have been stalking for several months.  When I say months, you know I mean months.  You don’t have to go browsing the web daily to find comfy and cozy bedding because I have found it for you.

Life is just too short not to share my top ten comfy and cozy bedding ideas.  The catch to sharing them is, I need your help.  I need to know what bedding you like best.  It’s simple, you get easy access to amazing bedding and I get your help. Score!!

10 Comfy & Cozy Bedding Ideas















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