The MUST Have Food Pool Floats

July 3, 2017


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Okay, we are several weeks into summer and if you have been at any pool you have realized you must step up your game when it comes to pool floats.  The days of a colorful ring floats are long gone!  This summer it’s all about the food when going to the pool.

If you read my previous post (here) on “What’s In My Pool Bag” then you are well aware that my son is all about the snacks at the pool.  Sometimes I think he only goes to the pool for the snacks.  You can imagine his excitement this summer when practically all pool floats are some kind of food.  Who would have ever guessed that food pool floats would be all the rage.

The thought of sitting on a huge taco while relaxing in the pool honestly makes me giggle.  I’m totally game for it though and my kids would be happy with a complete meal of floats to play on.  Ha!

I decided to find all the amazing food related floats.  The best part is I found all of these on amazon!  If you want to live the “cool” life at the pool this summer you must grab a couple of these pool floats right away.  Believe me, your kids will thank you!  My next float will certainly be the margarita or maybe the avocado.

Food Float Round-up:

Taco * Popsicle  *  Pizza

Pretzel   *   Popcorn  *   Ice Cream Sandwich  *   Pineapple

Avocado   *  Fried Eggs  *  Bacon  *  Gummy Bear

Gum Ball Machine *  Rootbear Float  *  Margarita  *  Donut

Hot Dog  *  Eggplant   *  Candy

Smarties  *  Watermelon  *  Strawberry 




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