About Me


Hi I’m Karis! I am so excited you have stopped by Nitty-Gritty Roots. I hope you will grab your favorite drink and stay awhile. Here at Nitty-Gritty Roots you will find home decorating ideas, lots of DIY, our home remodel, fun kid and family excitement and tons more!

Yes, my family up and sold our home several years back and unexpectedly ended up living in our RV for a year. It was during that time doors opened and we ended up moving back to our original roots and buying my grandparents old (complete renovation) home which happens to be next door to my parents. You heard that right, we moved in next door to my parents and honestly it’s been our best decision yet!

Here’s the scoop on me. I am happily married to my husband Brandon who puts on a suit weekly but loves to be in our I mean his shop piddling, working and making amazing stuff. He really is the man behind this blog. We have two great kiddos. I girl child and a boy child. We also have the best dog in the world. She is half Boxer and half Lab. She completes our family.

I was born and raised a Texas girl. My husband grew up in New Mexico but claims Texas as his home now. We currently live in the West Texas area but spent 7 years in the North Dallas area.

I grew up with an extremely crafty mother and aunt (who lived next door in the house we now live in). They had incredible ideas way before Pinterest and Google. I remember spending countless hours with them creating and crafting. However, I grew up and became a business women. I worked in Human Resources and honestly had very little need to let my craftiness out. Several years after our second child was born I decided to stay home. I was shocked at how quickly my brain turned crafty again.

Now, several years later, my husband and I bought my grandparents 1948 home. It’s a complete remodel. Every area in the house must be touched, the roof, the pool a complete redo, the yard and even the bricks need work.

Join me as my family digs into a complete home remodel while still figuring out life in general. We certainly don’t have all the answers, and often make mistakes but we enjoy getting our hands dirty and working hard. As you can tell, we are a pretty normal, average family.

I hope you visit frequently because I have a feeling we have a lot in common.