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Simple, Inexpensive, Stunning & Customizable DIY Chandelier

By on May 25, 2017

When we bought our home there was a large closet that I knew had great potential to be converted to a small work area.  However, we piled all my craft boxes in there and shut the door.  Obviously, we had greater items that needed attention before a closet.

Recently I decided it was time to tackle the closet.  Like every project I start, it takes way more time than I originally figure.  Starting a project the last few weeks of the school year is certainly not the brightest idea.  Let’s face it, May, August and December are crazy when you have school age kids.  Every year I think, “This isn’t my first rodeo!  I will be prepared, and something always sneaks in and sends my for a loop.”

While, I am so excited to give you a tour of my new office space, it will have to wait.  There are still several items I want completed before I share the whole room.  I have decided to share one excited feature from my office that I created to tease you while you wait for the full tiny office reveal.

Simple – Customizable DIY Chandelier

My little closet area didn’t actually have ceiling light.  You will have to stick around to see the original photos of what the closet actually was, but it did have a light switch and a wall plug controlled by the switch.  To make my life easy I decided to work with what we had.

I made this fabulous chandelier by only purchasing one item.

Chandelier Material:

Finished Fabric Chandelier


  • Purchased Item – Pendant Light Kit 
  • Wire and Plires (from the hubby’s shop)
  • 3 Embroidery Hoops I used 2- 10 inch hoops and 1- 9 inch hoop.  (That is what I had without having to purchase any hoops.  You can easily use all the same size or all different sizes.)
  • Fabric Scraps (customizable to any color) – cut into strips

Super simple list of material if you ask me!

Step ONE:


First, decide what size you would like your new custom chandelier to be.  My little craft area has low ceilings so I only used three hoops and spaced them 4 inches apart.  Remember, this is your chandelier.  You make it how you want!  Use larger hoops or add a tier, make it yours.

Once you have the size you will use the wire to stabilize each tier.  I simply wrapped the wire several times around each hoop to secure.

Step TWO:

Next, you will take all your thin fabric strips and start wrapping and weaving them around your embroidery hoops.  Simply knot each piece of fabric together, that is what will give the chandelier its charm at the end.  I specifically worked hard not to create a pattern.  Sometimes I looped one strip of fabric all the way down and other times I only went half way and then back up.  Continue wrapping several times around the whole chandelier.

It will look like this:



Finally, follow the directions of the pendant light kit and stabilize your light.  It’s super simple.  I actually used more of the wire at the top of the chandelier to help stabilize the pendant light.  It worked like a charm and the final produced looks amazing.


This chandelier cost me about $12 which was the cost of the pendant light kit.  I actually had all the other materials in my craft closet.  I LOVE this light.  As you can see, it is 100% customizable.  I can imagine how amazing this would be, much bigger and wrapped in different shades of burlap!  Or, use your baby’s nursery colors and hang this lamp over the rocking chair.  Maybe even create a smaller version and have it hanging as a bedside light.  The ideas are endless, don’t be afraid to try this simple, inexpensive, customizable chandelier out.  You might find you have several uses for them.

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Our New Home

By on January 3, 2017

If you have been following our journey you already know that we sold our Dallas suburb home 18 months ago in hopes to pay off debt (which I’m excited to say we did!) and downsize to a smaller home in hopes of finding a little land in the crazy busy life of Dallas.

Well our house sold quickly but the process of buying a new home was not as easy.  We found homes, put in offers and still got way out bid.  When I say way, I mean way.  We would go in over asking price and still get out bid.  The market was hot.  So, we decided to borrow an RV my parents had and move into it for what we figured would be a month or two.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Nothing ever is that easy.

We ended up in that RV for almost a year!  Oh, the amount of lessons we learned.  We found who we were deep down.  Sometimes we liked who we were when space was limited and sometimes we needed to change who we were.  It was a year of adjustment, stretching and changing.  I’m pleased to say my kids handled it all better then I did.  Sometimes, I really didn’t like the person I was when space was tight.  That gave me time to adjust and make myself better.

To catch up on the journey go read these blog entries.

Releasing our Roots

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Reality Setting In

Adding on….RV Style

Somehow, in a crazy turn of events, we ended up over the summer moving back to the big but small feel Texas town that I grew up in, and where my husband and I met, married and had our babies.  We had taken on the BIG metroplex 6 years previously and it was time to head home.  When we moved 6 years previously we were ready for great adventure.  We didn’t truly realize the blessing of having most of our family in the same town or within 3 hours. I guess this statement held true in our life:


While we made amazing friends and had great neighbors in the Dallas area, after a few years we missed our family and dear friends.  We missed holidays, births, birthday parties, and we missed caring for our family when there were hospital stays and sickness.  All in all we felt God was calling us back to our original nitty-gritty roots.  So we followed.

We originally enlisted a realtor to help us start looking for a house.  When we lived here before we had built our house on a half acer in a great neighborhood.  For some reason we just didn’t feel lead to that area this time around.  We wanted something older, more of a fixer upper and central where we could get everywhere fast.  I bet we looked at around 20 houses in two days.  There were several houses we liked but none that we really loved.  That’s when the idea came to us about maybe purchasing my grandparents house.  The house where they raised their 5 kids and which happened to be next door to my parents.  Nobody had lived in it for several years.

Yes, you read that correct!  Growing up I lived next door to my grandmother and aunt.  My granddad had passed away before my parents ever bought the house next door to them.  So my grandmother and my aunt lived next door.  As a kid I will say it was wonderful having them next door.  I spent many hours at their house hanging out.  So many fond memories of childhood were created in the house and around the pool in the back yard.  My grandmother passed away when I was a teen and my aunt continued to live there.  However, my aunt had passed away 2 years previously and the house had not been lived in for several years before that.  It sat, still full of so much original stuff.  My aunt was a collector of great things and found things hard to part with.  I get it, because in the process of cleaning out the house there were some really great things that I didn’t want to part with either.  My dads room had pretty much been untouched.  Sure things had been added but his closet was still full of his clothing from high school and college along with school work that was kept from all 5 kids.

After several walks through the house and lots and lots of debate (prayer) we decided to purchase the house.  We loved the layout, the size, location and the amount of land it sat on.  However, before we purchased it all the stuff in the house had to be sold off.  Cleaning out that house was the understatement of 2016!  We looked into Estate Sale people but we honestly didn’t have the time to wait around and they kept a huge percent so we decided to tackle it on our own.  You can probably already guess, we think we can do anything some days.  Lol!

I’ll share several photos but know that most were taken after we started moving stuff around and boxing stuff up getting ready for an estate sale.

Here is the kitchen.  Now, did my grandmother not have some serious style!  Those cabinets are metal (very shallow would not hold large modern day plates) and check out the pink walls.  That stove!!  I mean how cool?  However, I wasn’t about to cook on it.

Again, my grandparents knew how to add on an addition.  This addition was done I think in the 70’s along with a pool.  We have dubbed this room our playroom.  That fireplace!  What a great room!

One of the bathrooms.  We laugh because this bathroom is the same size of our whole RV.  I guess when you have 5 kids using this bathroom it has to be BIG!.  Check out those original marble counter tops.  This bathroom we thought would be gutted but a friend in the construction business told us to hire someone to glaze the wall tile and tub, add new tile on the floor and then paint the cabinets and upper walls.  It would save some major cash at the beginning of the remodel.  Best advice we have received!

Here is one of the bedrooms.  What I love about old homes is their bedrooms are almost always oversized.  3 girls grew up in this room.  It had to be big!  As you can see in the picture, those photos are hanging from what appears to be crown molding.  It’s not, it’s actually called picture railing.  Our house is all plaster.  Honestly, it’s a little bit of a nightmare but I decided to embrace it and have figured out how to hang photos from the railing instead of putting holes in the wall because with plaster the holes get messy.  We did have to hire a plaster guy to come do some repairs.  He was a 3rd generation plaster guy.  It’s fascinating the history of plaster to sheetrock.

Look at the overgrown yard!  Really all of the back yard looked like this.  When my grandparents moved into the neighborhood they were one of the only houses around.  It was still being developed.  So my granddad decided to purchase the lot next door to them.  So the whole lot area is actually a really great size.  My granddad built several little houses on the property.  My understanding is one was a library (not pictured) and one was an art studio (pictured to the right).  Not sure what the one to the left was.



Do all those photos make you want to run for the hills?  They do me!!  It didn’t bother me at all and now after posting I kind of think…”What were we thinking?”  Ha!

The whole house and yard was (and is) a complete redo.  Some of the stuff we can and do ourselves.  However the kitchen, living room and dining room we hired out.  It was something we wanted to get complete quickly while we continued to work on the rest of the house.

Someone asked me the other day what our timeline was for our house completion and I laughed and said “5 years”.  While I really wasn’t kidding I really hope it’s not 5 years.  However, my husband and I are admit that we don’t over spend on this house.  We want it to be complete soon but we also want to pay cash for most of our remodels.  So, it will be a slow process but fun! Right?

Join us as we navigate fixing up this 1940’s home.  It will be a journey.  While we love the farmhouse look and want that look we also are cautious of our money and will be finding ways to use what we have and paint or change to be farmhouse.  It’s a wild journey!  Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we do it right the first time and other times there are tears.  We are just an everyday family putting lots of time, energy and love into a house we hope will be our forever home.

Follow along!




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DIY Farmhouse Chandelier

By on November 8, 2016

This post may contains affiliate links.


I am so excited to share this post today about my farmhouse chandelier I recently built to go in the dinning area of our (still under construction) dinning and kitchen area.

Raise your hand if you can walk into a store and pick out the most expensive product!  Let’s face it, contrary to what the husbands think, we don’t do it on purpose.  Right ladies, it just happens.  We really want the one item that we have our hearts set on to be the cheapest.

The other day I set out to find that perfect chandelier to go over our dining table.  For some reason I was thinking in my head $150 would be reasonable, because all chandeliers I have seen online are that price…not!  Needless to say I was in shock when the few farmhouse chandeliers I saw were $600 and up. I liked them, but our whole house is a remodel and well lets face it, I have a dozen other things I need to do in this house and spending $600 wasn’t on that list.

I left and went to a local craft/antique store.  I browsed around, found the hubby a birthday gift, and then I saw them!!  Two matching tall weathered wire baskets.  They were perfect, and the best part they were $30 each.  Score!  I sent the hubby a crazy text with a photo of them and explained I was making my own chandelier.  He was so confused and a bit worried I think.

Here is a photo of the supplies I used.



2 wire baskets – bought locally but you could use something like this or this

Weather piece of wood

Ceiling Chandelier Light Fixture – here is the one I bought

Light Fixture Chain- like this

2 sets of Mending Plates

Couple of Screws

Edison Light Bulbs – like this


Lets get started!


First Step:

Decide how far apart you want the baskets.



Second Step:

Decide on sizing of wood and cut accordingly.




Third Step:

Decide where the light cords will go.  I bought a fixture with 6 cords so I knew I wanted 3 inside each basket.  I laid the wood piece down and then marked where each cord would fit then drilled the holes.



Fourth Step:

Mount the mending plates so they are away from the holes but secure the wire baskets.


Fifth Step:

Add screws on the ends of wood to hold the chains.


Sixth Step:

Hang Chandelier.  You can see we weaved the light cords into the chains when we were hanging the chandelier.



(only look at the chandelier, that kitchen behind it is still waiting for completion and a reveal will be coming soon)


Seventh Step:



Yes, it really was that easy to make.  I love it!  It’s exactly what I wanted for around $110 instead of $600.

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Releasing our Roots

By on October 26, 2016

Have you ever felt called to do something extreme?

Okay, maybe we didn’t do anything really extreme but fourteen months later it feels a little crazy, and extreme.

Here’s the story. In January 2015, I felt we were called to sell our amazing home in a small suburb of Dallas. We had lived there 5 years. It was a great home, in a great neighborhood with amazing neighbors but I just felt we needed to simplify our lives. We needed less home, wanted to pay off some debt and honestly we desired to have more land.

So, like any wife with a plan I approached the husband. He was less than excited about my idea but said he would think and pray about it. Months went by and finally in May, he approached me and said “Yes, I know we are suppose to sell our home lets get it listed.” Um…okay!

We worked overtime getting our house ready to list and FINALLY our house went live on the market June 2015.


Within 9 days we had two great offers on the table to look at and we accepted one.

This is where the excitement starts in our journey.

We started looking at houses with our realtors while packing. Lots and lots of houses, all with an acre or more of land. It seemed every house had something wrong with it. THEN, the perfect house popped up and we went to look at it and fell in LOVE. It was the perfect size, perfect location, and perfect lot size. We put a pretty serious offer in and found out someone put a much larger offer over listing price in and we didn’t get the house.

We were devastated and had to be out of our current house in a week.

Talk about doubting if you really heard God’s will!

My dad had acquired a camping trailer several years back which they had never used. Being a great dad he offered it to us to use it temporarily while we continued to look for a house. I had seen the trailer from afar and thought “What a great idea.” There was a small RV Resort in our town which I knew several people who had stayed there while building a house or moving.

Lets be real guys! I had not stayed in an RV (trailer) since I was four but the thought of having some place to sleep instead of a hotel sounded blissful.

We loaded all our belonging in PODS and hubs brought the trailer to our house.

Y’all when this trailer pulled up, we all were excited. img_2501

We started cleaning this small trailer up, organizing it and moving the few things we had into it because this was only for a few months.  Everyday we had high hopes of putting an offer in on a new home.

Now, my husband and in-laws were RV trailer people people back in the day. They went on awesome vacations pulling their trailer and boat when my husband was growing up.

Thank goodness my in-laws were there. They are amazing! They offered to get the trailer set up at the RV resort and stay in it for a few nights just to make sure everything was running properly.


Seriously, who does this kind of stuff!

My mother-in-law changed out the curtains, cleaned the sink, went and bought shelves and bedding, organized all our stuff, and had that trailer looking like a hotel.

July 31, 2015 was our first night to sleep in the trailer. Wow! Let me be honest, I almost had a panic attack in the middle of the night. I seriously felt like I was sleeping in a box! The AC was not quiet and I worried about the kids. Everything about this experience was starting to feel bizarre. I might have told the hubs that I was running away and I even think I did go out and sit in my car for a few minutes.

I did finally calm myself down enough to fall asleep that night and I remember feeling God whisper to me “I’ve got this, just listen.”

Our roots had been released that day and we had no clue as to where our new roots would be planted.

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