From Waste to Want Edition 3 – Large Chalkboard

By on March 31, 2017

I am so excited to share my newest From WASTE to WANT series.  If you have been hanging around the blog for awhile you have seen my two previous post where I took old decor items and changed them to fit my current decorating style.  It’s something that is simple to do, saves money and turns Wasted items into Wanted items.  It’s a huge win if you ask me.  That’s why I decided it needed it’s own name “From Waste To Want”.

Today is actually From WASTE To WANT Edition 3.

About 5 years ago I was out at our neighborhood garage sale and found a huge frame and bought it for $5.  At the time I decided to turn it into a white board.  As you can see from this photo, the white board is ruined (yes, I must have left marker on it when we packed it up) and the frame color was less than stellar.


Some people might look at that and say “toss it”.  No way, with a can of black chalkboard paint and some white milk paint.  That old frame is now a stunning, large, chalkboard that fits my current decor and looks amazing in my kitchen.


It was so simple to make some minor changes to my current white board.  I painted the chalkboard paint directly onto the white board.  No need to spend time cutting a new piece of wood to fit when I had the white board that already worked.  Easy peasy!  Next, I used the same milk paint from the previous From Waste To Want Edition 1 and From Waste To Want Edition 2.  I have gotten great use out of that little bottle of milk paint.  Who knew?  I just painted the frame with several layers of milk paint.  Personally, I prefer some of the dark paint peeking out so I didn’t worry about the paint looking perfect.

For me, this project didn’t cost a penny.  I already had the chalkboard paint because it’s like a staple around here.  As for the white milk paint, this was actually my third project to use it on.  I already had it on hand.  Even if you had to purchase both paints the project cost would still be less than buying something new.  Score!!

I hope you enjoyed this From Waste To Want Edition 3.  Are you turning Wasted items into Wanted items?  If so, I want to see them.

Have a super weekend.






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DIY Reusable Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Eggs

By on March 27, 2017

Do your kids love to hunt Easter eggs? Mine love it! The funny thing is mine will continue to hind and hunt Easter eggs for several weeks. Their favorite “anything” right now is glow in the dark. We are constantly having glow in the dark family parties. The problem with sticking glow sticks in the kids eggs is they only last for one day and it becomes expensive when they want to hide eggs for several weeks.

This Easter, I am one foot ahead of the kids. I completely understand that seeking glowing eggs is way more fun than seeking regular eggs. Let’s face it, I wish we had glow in the dark eggs to seek when I was growing up. In order to save some money I decided to take all our plastic Easter eggs, along with a can of Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark spray paint and get to work. I laid them all out and sprayed the eggs several times with thin coats of glow in the dark paint. My kids were running around while I was painting the eggs and they were so excited.

Once the eggs were completely dry I wanted to make sure they would glow like I anticipated. The key is to make sure they get ample amounts of direct sun light before using them. I put all the eggs into a basket and sat them outside in the sunlight for the afternoon. That evening they glowed brightly. The best part about these awesome glow in the dark eggs is they are reusable. I don’t have to take the time to stuff glow sticking into each egg. Just stick the eggs in the sun. If my kids want to hunt glow in the dark eggs several nights they can!

Creating these reusable glow in the dark Easter eggs is so inexpensive and simple. Kids can enjoy glow in the dark egg hunts for years to come by simply spray painting your plastic eggs with glow in the dark paint.


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Stunning Girlie Home Office

By on March 22, 2017

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Do you work at home?  Are you in need of a home office facelift that screams girlie?  If so, grab a cup of coffee and settle in.  Today we are pulling together a stunning office that will tempt you to spend hours in your office even when you aren’t working.

Not a day goes by that I do not meet or read about a women who works from home.  It honestly is becoming more and more common.  In our family both my husband and I need a home office.  We do not have the space for two home office areas so we share an office space.  While I would love nothing more then to have a complete girlie office, my husband might not appreciate it.  All of you amazing women who don’t have to share an office space, this post is all for you all.

Everyone has their perfect way of designing a room from scratch.  I’ll share my few steps to creating a girlie office with you below.

Step ONE: 

Decide on a floor rug with lots of color.  It’s your office live a little!

Step TWO:

Next, find a desk you LOVE!  You will be spending a lot of time at this desk so you need to love it.  I prefer a computer desk without a lot of storage drawers.


Office chairs will make or break your rear-end.  I prefer one that works my glutes out while I sit but I can’t seem to find one so instead I go with pretty and not practical with it comes to a chair.

Step FOUR:

Add a special sofa or chair to your office for additional seating.  It never fails that our whole family enjoys sitting in the home office and an extra chair or sofa really comes in handy.

Step FIVE:

Spruce the office up!  Add all the extras, ottomans, lamps, wall decor, organization, throw pillow, baskets, blankets, side tables, anything!  Step five is my favorite part and its what defines your decor.

Here is the fantastic girlie office I spent some time day dreaming about.  Oh, it’s lovely!!  Do you think my sweet husband would mind working in this office.  I could add a decorative white animal head.  Ha!

RUG  ||  CHAIR ||  DESK  ||  SOFA  ||  SOLID PILLOW  ||  BIKE PILLOW  ||  


If you are working at home, I hope you love your office area.  If not, just follow the 5 simple steps above to create a stunning office that you love spending time in.  As you can see it’s simple and relatively inexpensive.  Live a little, go all out, add lots of color and above all, enjoy your office!  It is where you spend a lot of time.



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Affordable & Stylish Outdoor Rugs

By on March 20, 2017

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As the weather begins to warm up I begin to dream about time spent outdoors. Evenings spent on a patio or porch are the best!  The stresses of life seem to disappear and joy fills the space.  Who else loves a comfy chair on the patio or porch, a good drink and sweet friends? Really, is there anything much better?

I have not lived in a house yet that the concrete on the porch or patio looked amazing. Granted, it’s functional but it’s not very pretty. Thats why indoor/outdoor rugs were created! Okay, maybe not but we are going to pretend thats why.  Nobody loves the plain concrete.  Just like rugs in the living room make it feel super comfy and quaint, rugs on the porch or patio also make it feel cozy.  Over the last several years indoor/outdoor rugs have really come a long ways. There are so many sizes, colors and choices. It has made outdoor areas an amazing extended area of the home.  A place that becomes the heart of the home during warm months.

I remember 8 years ago after my sweet second child was born I decided we needed an outdoor rug on our patio. I had a great image in mind of what I wanted. However, my options 8 years ago were limited. Even 2 years ago they were less than stellar but to my great excitement, when I started my indoor/outdoor search this year I have been more than please with the amount of choices, colors and styles. I didn’t just find one that I loved but sixteen!  All on amazon!!  What!!  All under $100 which is just too exciting not to share!  I am so excited to share these indoor/outdoor rugs with you all. As you look at your current porch or patio I hope you will find the perfect rug from this selection to incorporate.

ONE  ||  TWO  || THREE  ||  FOUR  ||  FIVE ||  SIX  ||  SEVEN  ||  EIGHT  ||  NINE  ||  TEN  || ELEVEN  ||  TWELVE  ||  THIRTEEN  ||  FOURTEEN  ||  FIFTEEN  ||  SIXTEEN

I am so excited about these amazing rugs!  I hope this summer you find yourself on your patio or porch, sipping an ice cold drink and having the most amazing visit with your friends and family.  Adding the perfect rug makes your outdoor space your favorite space.  Cheers to the best summer yet!



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Craftiness | Home Decor

5 Ways to Decorate for Spring with Tulips.

By on March 3, 2017

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SPRING, it’s a beautiful thing!!  I love the quote “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”  The funny (maybe it’s sad) thing is, Texas winters are honestly not horrible but oh how I long for spring.  Spring has a fresh, new feeling.  It seems that my body wakes up again and the winter fog has been lifted.  The mornings and evenings are crisp and cool.  Afternoons, are delightful!  They aren’t hot and they aren’t cold, just perfect!

Spring home decorating is one of my favorite times.  Seriously, cute bunnies, flowers, nest, sweet birds, branches and colorful eggs scream WAKE-UP it’s SPRING.  Spring decorating can be fun, easy and inexpensive.  Sure, there are plenty of great spring decor you can spend money on but the great thing is, you don’t have to.  Today we will be looking at 5 ways to use two bunches of artificial tulips (click for link) to create stunning spring decor for your home.

The other day I had an hour to spare (kid free I might add) so of course I headed to a craft store to stroll around.  Spring was in the air and the first display I saw was artificial tulips, all colors and they looked beautiful.  I love tulips!  So much that the fall after my husband and I got married I decided to plant some.  I went to a local nursery and hand picked every single tulip bulb.  I stored them in a brown paper bag in the hall closet for weeks until the day came to plant them.  We were young and newly married and planting tulips seemed to be an adult thing to do.  My sweet husband got out and we planet all 100 bulbs.  Several times we stopped and asked “I wonder if there is special way to place these bulbs in the soil?”  This was before smart phones so it never occurred to us to wipe off the dirt and go ask someone.  Nope, we just kept trucking away on those bulbs.  After several hours, they were planted and the wait till spring began.

Finally, spring arrived and we started seeing some of our tulips coming up.  Well, out of 100 I think only, 30 came up.  That’s when we realized there is a correct way of placing the bulbs in the ground.  Oops, I will say, the ones that did bloom were so beautiful.  Here, 14 years later and we still have not planted tulips again.

The display of artificial tulips seemed like the prefect way to reintroduce tulips into our life.  Tulips might still be a little bit a sore spot.  Ha!  I grabbed two bunches and decided I would figure out a great way to use them in my spring home decorating.  I didn’t just figure out one way to use the tulips which I spend under $10 on but I came up with 5 ways.

I decided that the best way to display the tulips was to wrap them in some burlap and ribbon and create a bouquet.  In our house I always have burlap, it’s like a staple.  We might not have bread but rest assure I can provide burlap.  Having the tulips perfectly together opened up more ideas.



1.  Tulips in a hanging scale look they like were made for each other! Yes?

2. Who loves a tree stump?  Who loves a vintage tea pot?  Who loves a bouquet of tulips? Yes to all three, and the amount of happiness that is found in one area of the home.

3.  I removed the bow from bouquet, wrapped twine in its place and decided to hang the bouquet on our barn door.  Again, my heart swooned!

4.  Next, I decided to hang the same bouquet with twine on a ladder.  Lovely!

5.  Last, I took the burlap and twine off and stuck all the tulips into a large pottery crock.  I love pottery crocks and one full of tulips is delightful.

Two bunches of artificial yellow tulips for less than $10 can easily be used 5 different ways to make stunning home spring decor.  Which way is your favorite?

Until next time! XOXO


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Farmhouse Wall Clocks

By on February 23, 2017

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My husband loves large wall clocks. (Ha! that’s funny)  In all fairness he comes by it naturally because my mother-in-law also loves them.  She has some of the most beautiful wall clocks in her home.  So, you can imagine that my husband is always looking and dreaming about wall clocks.  The deal is, he can have all the clocks he want but he has to always be the one who changes them.  Ha!

Here is a great list of 10 beautiful wall clocks to compliment any home, especially farmhouse decor.

Warehouse Clock with Grill 

Distressed to look Metal Clock

Galvanized Wall Clock

Iron Clock in Gray

New York Cage Clock

Antique Wall Clock

Metal Clock with Rope

Vintage Scalloped Clock 

Sea Green Distressed Clock

Aqua Pocket Clock



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10 Farmhouse Finds For Spring

By on February 16, 2017

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Every year after Valentine’s Day passes I find myself longing for Spring and ready to leave winter in the past.  Listen, I realize I am a huge wimp when it comes to the cold.  I also understand that I do not truly comprehend what a real winter looks like but I can’t change where the good Lord has planted my roots.  I’m a Texas girl and Texas just doesn’t have harsh winters.  We have some cold days but just last week we almost hit 80 degrees outside and then three days later the high was 38 degrees.  Don’t get me wrong I often tell my husband how I would love to live up north and he always responds, “You would never make it.”  He is probably correct, but he dislikes the cold more than me.

Let’s get to the real purpose of this post.  SPRING!!!  I am always excited to get my house feeling and looking like spring.  I have never had tons of bunnies and egg decorations because honestly I always thought it was just for Easter decor.  However, I have a sweet friend that decorates her house in bunnies for all of spring.  Last year when I walked in her house in May, it was amazingly decorated in her bunnies and it was just perfect.  Bunnies are all about spring not just Easter.  So this year my bunny (or rabbit whatever you prefer) decorations are staying out till summer fun hits.  I can not wait!

Here are 10 decor items that will make your house feel like spring.

This amazing driftwood rabbit sculpture.  I love all things driftwood so making it into a rabbit makes my heart explode.

Anything galvanized seems to fit into the farmhouse decor theme.  These cute                galvanized vases are perfect for spring.  Especially if you are like me and have sweet little kiddos who bring in flowers weeds.

A faux boxwood wreath can be used in almost every room of the house.  Hang it on a door, an old window or barn door.  My favorite idea for spring is to take this boxwood wreath and then hang is around the ceramic bunny head below.

Sweet birds remind me of spring.  These shabby chic bird pedestals are beautiful to place on a table or a shelf.

This ceramic bunny head is so great.  I personally would like to place it on my framed shiplap and then hang the faux boxwood wreath around it.  Yes!!

Another adorable bunny who actually works for you!  Ha!  This tiered bunny platter is so cute!

Granted this assortment of platters is not only for spring decorating.  They also can be functional or used as decorations.  I have been looking for platters to use on a wall and these are perfect.

This lavender wreath isn’t a large wreath.  Only about 12 inches but would be a perfect addition to some smaller decor items.  Just hang it on the front of a platter, frame or cutting board.  Add a little spring to anything.


This cute rustic funnel vase is  stunning.  Personally I would add some cotton branches and stick this on the kitchen counter or shelf.


Everyone needs a precious cast iron bunny.  It’s actually a door stop but honestly, it’s cute enough to be used anywhere.


That’s all the amazing Farmhouse Spring finds I have found.  Who else will be taking down their red hearts today and starting to bring out the spring decoration?  I can not wait for spring!  I could do without the wind of spring but oh how I love the sun again.



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Amazing Throw Pillows

By on February 14, 2017

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Have you ever wondered how throw pillows got their name?  I’m certain they were named by a momma who decided to decorate her couch with pillows to make the space feel homey and lovely.  I’m sure she named them something incredible but changed to throw pillows at the end of the first day because the pillows were constantly thrown around by all her children ALL day!

Please tell me I am not the only mom who is constantly saying, “The pillows belong on the couch not on the floor!”, “Are you standing on the throw pillow?”, “Don’t hit your sister with that pillow.”

It’s a constant battle and the struggle of the throw pillows is very real.

Since moving, our house is in need of several new throw pillows for my kids to walk on, I mean lovingly set on our couches and snuggle with.

Here are my top picks while I was browsing over the weekend.  The best part is……they are all from Amazon.  Our town recently got an Amazon Store and it has changed my world.  I can get some items delivered to the store the very next day.  Plus, at Christmas they had a gift wrapping station.  I didn’t use it but thought seriously about it.  The other thing I have found helpful with the store is returns.  They have a station there for all returns too.  It really has made my life easier.


  1. Chevron Zig-Zag – I love the colors of this one and its a great pattern.  They did have other colors if yellow and gray aren’t your combo.
  2. Simple Stripes – The simple stripes of this one just screams farmhouse style to me.  The color is delicate and not over powering which means you could put more exciting designs with it.
  3. Farmhouse Buffalo – Buffalo check is all the rage right now.  I didn’t think black and white would fit in my house but this beige and white it perfect.  Personally I think beige and grays go well together.
  4. Sweet Owl – I love this sweet owl pillow.  It’s got such a great combination of colors that it would easily fit into any area.
  5. Retro Arrows – This arrow pillow is a great color for our front room area that has Sea Salt (by Sherwin Williams) walls.
  6. My Favorite Place – I love the simpleness of this pillow plus it say exactly what I think about all my peeps.  Easy pillow to throw into any color scheme.
  7. Camper – If you have followed my blog from the start you will understand my love for campers.  We lived in ours for a year.  Our home needs reminders of our journey.
  8. Birds – I love the background pattern of this pillow along with the pop of color.
  9. Vintage Bike – This vintage bike is the most bold in color out of all the pillows.  However, I like the bright pop of the red/orange bike.  It makes my heart happy.
  10. Burlap Love – When I found this pillow I fell in LOVE with it.  The shape is great, the burlap makes me smile and the fact that it says Love is a win!
  11. Vintage Map – This vintage map pillow.  I just don’t have the words to describe how much I love it.  If it doesn’t go with your home decor add this pillow to a boys bedroom or a playroom.  
  12. Sunshine – This pillow goes so well with the other yellow and gray pillow above it.  The saying on it speaks.
  13. Love One Another – Another pillow that goes with any color with a serious reminder to my kids.  Can I get 10 of these please!!

That’s a wrap for my throw pillow finds.  The verdict is still out on which ones will make there way to our couches.  I’m hoping I can decide soon.  Which ones are your favorites?


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Current Decor to Farmhouse Decor – Edition 2

By on February 10, 2017

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It’s another edition of finding current decoration in your home and giving them a farmhouse-lift.

Changing your old decor to fit your new decorating look is the most inexpensive way to redecorate your house.  In this edition today I am actually using the same products I used in Edition 1.

My favorite round brush

This Petticoat Color Milk Paint.

Plus I added a gray craft paint I already had on hand.

Here is the lamp that needed a farmhouse-life.  I had already changed the lamp shade from its existing one but I still felt it needed a little more changing.

I grabbed my favorite round brush and milk paint and got started by painting the lamp base.  I honestly didn’t worry about getting a thick coat because I liked the way the dark base peaked out of the milk paint.  I did two light coats and allowed it to dry.  

I still felt it looked a little too “white” so I grabbed a small dab of gray craft paint and dry brushed it onto the lamp very lightly.

Here is the finished product.  From old decor to new decor in about an hour.

Nothing makes me happier then using items we already have around our home and giving them a farmhouse-lift to fit our current decorating style.  As you can see in the photo, the lamp is sitting on top of the box that I painted in Edition 1.  Double win for farmhouse-lifts!!

What items do you have around your house that need a farmhouse-lift?


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10 Curtains to Compliment Gray Walls

By on February 9, 2017

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Curtains, they aren’t my strong point.  I’ll just admit that our last house which we lived in 5 years still lacked curations in several rooms.  Embarrassing to admit, I know.

When I picked out the color scheme for our house it had a lot of grays.  If you haven’t seen that post click here.


I have decided on and bought the curtains for the Great Room which is painted Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.  I will say I LOVE them.  They look great with the Repose Gray walls.

However, I have several other areas in my home that are in need of curtains so I have put together a list of the top 10 curtains that compliments a gray color scheme.


1. DrifyAway Geo Trellis 2. Alillum Blue Gray 3. Gray Buffalo Check 4. Pom Tassel Curtain 5. Shabby Chic Ruffle 6. Henna Black  7. Circle Dream 8. Illusions Silver Grey  9. Gray Striped  10.  Lush Decor Avon





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