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Weekend Projects

By on November 15, 2016

This past weekend was crazy and exciting!  Our contractors on our kitchen, dining and living areas were finished and we could start moving into those areas!  I have tons of photos to post once its all complete but for now I will leave you with my fall decor.

Yes, priorities people!  We might not have the kitchen ready but I have some fall decorations out! Not much but a few fall pieces is all I need.  They are very basic and both items I bought at local markets during our time in the RV.

I know what you are thinking, Your RV must have been full?  Noway, we had to have a local storage unit that we kept items in.  We switched out winter/summer clothing, put the kids trophy’s, gifts or anything that we just didn’t have space for in the RV which was pretty much everything.  So, I took it upon myself to load it with home decor for our future home.  I’m not sure that’s what the hubby intended it for but it made total sense to me.  Ha!





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DIY Farmhouse Chandelier

By on November 8, 2016

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I am so excited to share this post today about my farmhouse chandelier I recently built to go in the dinning area of our (still under construction) dinning and kitchen area.

Raise your hand if you can walk into a store and pick out the most expensive product!  Let’s face it, contrary to what the husbands think, we don’t do it on purpose.  Right ladies, it just happens.  We really want the one item that we have our hearts set on to be the cheapest.

The other day I set out to find that perfect chandelier to go over our dining table.  For some reason I was thinking in my head $150 would be reasonable, because all chandeliers I have seen online are that price…not!  Needless to say I was in shock when the few farmhouse chandeliers I saw were $600 and up. I liked them, but our whole house is a remodel and well lets face it, I have a dozen other things I need to do in this house and spending $600 wasn’t on that list.

I left and went to a local craft/antique store.  I browsed around, found the hubby a birthday gift, and then I saw them!!  Two matching tall weathered wire baskets.  They were perfect, and the best part they were $30 each.  Score!  I sent the hubby a crazy text with a photo of them and explained I was making my own chandelier.  He was so confused and a bit worried I think.

Here is a photo of the supplies I used.



2 wire baskets – bought locally but you could use something like this or this

Weather piece of wood

Ceiling Chandelier Light Fixture – here is the one I bought

Light Fixture Chain- like this

2 sets of Mending Plates

Couple of Screws

Edison Light Bulbs – like this


Lets get started!


First Step:

Decide how far apart you want the baskets.



Second Step:

Decide on sizing of wood and cut accordingly.




Third Step:

Decide where the light cords will go.  I bought a fixture with 6 cords so I knew I wanted 3 inside each basket.  I laid the wood piece down and then marked where each cord would fit then drilled the holes.



Fourth Step:

Mount the mending plates so they are away from the holes but secure the wire baskets.


Fifth Step:

Add screws on the ends of wood to hold the chains.


Sixth Step:

Hang Chandelier.  You can see we weaved the light cords into the chains when we were hanging the chandelier.



(only look at the chandelier, that kitchen behind it is still waiting for completion and a reveal will be coming soon)


Seventh Step:



Yes, it really was that easy to make.  I love it!  It’s exactly what I wanted for around $110 instead of $600.

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Reality Setting In

By on November 7, 2016

If you are just joining our journey read my first few entries of how we ended up in our RV here and here.


The kids started school and by October reality was setting in.  I seriously remember thinking “What have we done!”

We found ourselves walking around the RV resort drooling over the awesomeness of some of the other rigs.  You see, we were in a very modest and simple trailer.  Most other trailers were much bigger and had slide outs.  Ours did not, we had about 30 feet of “pathway” walking space.  It’s seriously not hard to live in a RV trailer and many people choose to do so for extended periods of time but they buy the trailers to have more space and slide outs.

The biggest challenge with school starting was space.  Our kids attended a non-traditional school.  They went to school three days a week and then we had two satellite days a week.  Our kids had been going to this school so the system wasn’t new to us.  The limited space on our homeschool days was a huge challenge.


(look at those kids working hard with limited space)

We would start at the RV, get about 2 good hours under our belts before we just couldn’t take the tightness.  We would then gather everything up (including our portable printer) and head to either the library, our church, or a coffee shop.  Some days we might end up a two places before school work was complete.


(working hard by the window at our church)

I remember thinking several days that we could not do this the whole school year.  It was too much work and too crazy.  I’m a very structured person or as my husband would say “I like control.”  I like a plan, a list and like everything to be in its place.  I was born structured and any little thing out of place throws me off.  These homeschool days were pushing me and stretching me.  Honestly, our new living arrangement was making me want to scream some days.

It was during the hardest days that doubt creeps in.  I started to easily lose sight of the journey ahead and felt alone.  Thankful it was during another long quiet night that this scripture spoke huge in our life.  Journaling this entry in my bible allowed peace to sink in.  Go…go in peace.  Our journey was already in place and being watched even though to us it was still so uncertain.



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Finalize The Menu Friday

By on November 4, 2016

There are still lots of RV stories but all I can think about is a real live kitchen!

Not this kitchen, which served it’s purpose for 12 months.


Notice, we covered the stove up.  Listen, like I have said before, I was not an RV kind of girl, so the thought of having an open flame for the gas stove in a tiny place scared me.  Yes, I never used it (or the oven), I just used an electric skillet and instant pot.  A huge thank you to whoever gave us that awesome electric skillet as a wedding gift and to my sweet friend who introduced me to the instant pot.


And I’m not dreaming of this kitchen either, it’s in our master bedroom.  We have been using it for 3 months and it continues to do it’s job daily.  Right here is where our family is fed, breakfast is made, lunches are packed and dinner becomes a meal.



Notice again that everything is made on the electric skillet, instant pot, and I found our crockpot in the boxes.  The instant pot is also a slow cooker but its nice to have both.


While both of the above kitchens have done the job, I am however dreaming of a real live functional kitchen.  One with an oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal.  Yes, that’s right, I have not used an oven, stove, dishwasher or garbage disposal in 15 months.  Yikes!  Maybe I should contact a local home economics class to go and observe before I get back into a kitchen. Ha!

I have HIGH hopes that our kitchen remodel might be done soon, so I’m going to share the menu of what will be cooked first.  Don’t judge if it seems like a lot or crazy amounts of food.  I love Pinterest and the last 15 months of pinning food only to look at it has been brutal.  Enjoy a few menu ideas as I continue to dream.


Chicken with Jalapeño Cheese Sauce 

Oven Baked Salmon

Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Casserole

Buffalo Chicken Taco Salad



Spicy Crock Pot Cauliflower Mac & Cheese



Chocolate Coated Pineapple Pops

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread



Over Night Eggs Benedict Casserole 

Southwestern Breakfast Casserole

Cinnamon Roll Buttermilk Biscuits


So this will probably be the first weeks menu for us.  Will it be next week?  We are so close!  If it happens to be next week, at least I already have it all planned out.  I can’t wait!

If you have some favorite recipes you think we should try, post them!  The whole family can’t wait to be back in the kitchen soon.



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RV LIFE….it’s not that bad!

By on November 1, 2016

After we ALL survived the first night in the trailer, the first morning was glorious.  I have to admit that life seemed simple and easy that morning.  Much like we were enjoying a little camping trip.

The RV resort we were at had a kids playground, pool and laundry area about 50 feet from the end of our trailer.  It was a perfect spot for us.  The kids spent their last few days of summer playing and swimming with other kids and I enjoyed the simplicity of RV life.


Lets face it.  I could clean that RV in about 15 minutes.  That included beds made, bathroom cleaned top to bottom, kitchen cleaned and the whole place vacuumed.  Can all the momma’s say “Amen”.  How many of you all will be talking to the husband tonight about listing your house and moving to an RV.  Ha!

While the days were fun and easy in the RV the nights were long, and silent.  We were living in close quarters so after the kids went to bed things had to slow down and turn off.  We didn’t have cable, we had very little wifi, and some night the hubs was gone on business.

I journaled often.  Listen we were actively looking for a house to buy in the area.  Every time I got an email I secretly prayed it was the house that would be ours.

Here is a entry on August 6, 20015 from my journal.

Day 8 – RV Living

Last night while trying to fall a sleep and several times today, I found myself crying over the unknown of our future.  I’m not crying because I’m sad or because I’m fearful, it’s more just the unknown. 

How long will we be here?

Will we be stuck in the RV on snow days?

What about Christmas? 

During my tears early this morning I wondered what God thinks about my weeping?  He is my Father and I am his child.  When my kids cry I want nothing more then to fix it.  I know he is no different.  I think he is saying to me “Child, if I gave it all to you right now you wouldn’t really love it.  If I revealed my complete plan you might run and be overwhelmed”

Overwhelmed is an understatement.  14 months later I can tell you I am THANKFUL he did not reveal that we would be in that RV for 12 months, end up buying my grandparents home next door to my parents (which is a complete remodel), move our kids school and return to our nitty-gritty roots in West Texas.

I’m not kidding when I say if I knew everything we would go through in August 2015, today you would find me in the Virgin Islands, living in an efficiency apartment for one, scooping ice cream for a living and drinking a margarita on the beach every night!





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Home Remodel

Releasing our Roots

By on October 26, 2016

Have you ever felt called to do something extreme?

Okay, maybe we didn’t do anything really extreme but fourteen months later it feels a little crazy, and extreme.

Here’s the story. In January 2015, I felt we were called to sell our amazing home in a small suburb of Dallas. We had lived there 5 years. It was a great home, in a great neighborhood with amazing neighbors but I just felt we needed to simplify our lives. We needed less home, wanted to pay off some debt and honestly we desired to have more land.

So, like any wife with a plan I approached the husband. He was less than excited about my idea but said he would think and pray about it. Months went by and finally in May, he approached me and said “Yes, I know we are suppose to sell our home lets get it listed.” Um…okay!

We worked overtime getting our house ready to list and FINALLY our house went live on the market June 2015.


Within 9 days we had two great offers on the table to look at and we accepted one.

This is where the excitement starts in our journey.

We started looking at houses with our realtors while packing. Lots and lots of houses, all with an acre or more of land. It seemed every house had something wrong with it. THEN, the perfect house popped up and we went to look at it and fell in LOVE. It was the perfect size, perfect location, and perfect lot size. We put a pretty serious offer in and found out someone put a much larger offer over listing price in and we didn’t get the house.

We were devastated and had to be out of our current house in a week.

Talk about doubting if you really heard God’s will!

My dad had acquired a camping trailer several years back which they had never used. Being a great dad he offered it to us to use it temporarily while we continued to look for a house. I had seen the trailer from afar and thought “What a great idea.” There was a small RV Resort in our town which I knew several people who had stayed there while building a house or moving.

Lets be real guys! I had not stayed in an RV (trailer) since I was four but the thought of having some place to sleep instead of a hotel sounded blissful.

We loaded all our belonging in PODS and hubs brought the trailer to our house.

Y’all when this trailer pulled up, we all were excited. img_2501

We started cleaning this small trailer up, organizing it and moving the few things we had into it because this was only for a few months.  Everyday we had high hopes of putting an offer in on a new home.

Now, my husband and in-laws were RV trailer people people back in the day. They went on awesome vacations pulling their trailer and boat when my husband was growing up.

Thank goodness my in-laws were there. They are amazing! They offered to get the trailer set up at the RV resort and stay in it for a few nights just to make sure everything was running properly.


Seriously, who does this kind of stuff!

My mother-in-law changed out the curtains, cleaned the sink, went and bought shelves and bedding, organized all our stuff, and had that trailer looking like a hotel.

July 31, 2015 was our first night to sleep in the trailer. Wow! Let me be honest, I almost had a panic attack in the middle of the night. I seriously felt like I was sleeping in a box! The AC was not quiet and I worried about the kids. Everything about this experience was starting to feel bizarre. I might have told the hubs that I was running away and I even think I did go out and sit in my car for a few minutes.

I did finally calm myself down enough to fall asleep that night and I remember feeling God whisper to me “I’ve got this, just listen.”

Our roots had been released that day and we had no clue as to where our new roots would be planted.

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